The World of Higher Education

HigherEd Counseling is here to help de-mystify the world of higher education, save you time, minimize stress, and make the college application process manageable for students and families. We allow students to focus on their high school studies and life as a teenager while supporting the college exploration, preparation, and application process as little or as much as students and families need.

With countless programs, degrees, and certificates offered at colleges and universities across the Globe, HigherEd Counseling is here to help manage the entire process for students from 9th grade through graduation--even those who want to take a gap year.

HigherEd Counseling helps students and families navigate the unknown territory from exploration to application to selection to enrollment--and we also help students transition to and through the first semester in college, so they get off to good start!

Contact us at HigherEd Counseling to tell us what your goals are, and we will let you know how we can help you identify which of our service options would be the best for you.

Finding Best-Fit Colleges and Universities

"College and university education is the biggest investment you will ever make in your personal development and towards achieving your future career goals." ~Candice Progler-Thomsen, Founder of HigherEd Counseling

HigherEd Counseling offers professional guidance and personal support to help you reach these goals!

Over the past twenty-five years, I have attended, worked at, and visited top universities across the globe. At HigherEd Counseling, we use holistic counseling to help identify best-fit programs, institutions, and environments where students can thrive inside and outside of the classroom.

Studying internationally for college or university requires significantly more research, consideration and preparation than going on exchange for a summer, semester, or year.  Therefore, HigherEd Counseling works with students one-on-one to match their academic profile and personal interests, as well as their financial situation, to identify top-quality study options that match these variables.

Using various career and personality assessments, interviews, and planning tools with our students and parents, we help to identify what is most essential for our students' future academic program and study environment, as well as the career, cultural and social opportunities which will allow for each student to flourish while at college.

HigherEd Counseling provides professional and personalized college counseling to make the college search and application process more transparent, while reducing stress and uncertainty for students and families. We help identify excellent educational programs and institutions where students can thrive holistically and pursue the career of their dreams.

Contact HigherEd Counseling today, so we can start finding your best-fit colleges and universities!