Candice is one individual I have worked with who uniquely stands out. During our time together, Ms. Progler-Thomsen displayed great talents in student counseling, event organization, and program management. When we first met, I was immediately impressed with her and the technical and personal skills, and during our time working together, her understanding of student difficulties.

Nasir Alfaraj, Postdoctoral Fellow at The University of Toronto

Candice was my advisor when I was a Ph.D. student at KAUST. As a student, I turned to her whenever I needed information or support. She was always very welcoming, helpful, and keen to do her job with the biggest smile.

Ikram Boukhedimi, PhD in Electrical Engineering, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Candice is an amazing person. She takes in anyone with welcoming hands and helps them without a problem. Before I started my graduate school I had a lot of issues but thankfully Candice helped me with everything before I even met her. I really appreciate her being there. Even after she left and wasn’t my advisor anymore, I did not stop emailing her to help me with some problems that popped up during my time at KAUST.

Ali Alrashoudi, Engineer at NTiS

Upon my arrival at KAUST, Candice took the initiative to meet me so that I could be more acquainted with the campus. During the time I worked there for an internship, she was very helpful in guiding me and answering any questions I may have. I also participated in the Student Ambassadors program that she was leading. Candice was repeatedly bringing new ideas whilst also taking into account the opinion of the students. All my experiences with Candice were positive and I can say that it is seldom to meet such a wholeheartedly committed professional.

Myriam Belmekki, PhD Student at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Always positive, enthusiastic, and dedicated to mentoring students, Candice is one of the brightest souls I had the pleasure to meet at KAUST. Being a great and passionate listener, Candice is excellent in understanding your struggles and needs and giving sensible advice that can guide you towards making a good decision. It was such a pleasure to work with her.

Iana Sycheva, Specialist at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Candice was my coordinator while I was studying a Doctoral Program at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. I cannot recommend her enough. She demonstrated to be very human and professional, as she always had an answer for my academic inquiries and found the time to orient me during personal crises.

Lorenzo Ochoa Diaz, Entrepreneur

As a student at KAUST, I worked with Candice on establishing the Student Ambassadors group. Being a new idea for the university, she did a remarkable job in making it happen. And this, I believe, points towards her main strength: endless optimism and energy. Upon meeting her, one immediately notices her passion, her proactivity and professionalism. Moreover, she is very easy-going and working with her is a very pleasant experience.

Jasmin Smajic, PhD Candidate, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

It was a pleasure to have Candice as my Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC) during most of the years that I spent at KAUST. Candice invests a lot of her time and efforts to help and advise the students by carefully listening to their inquiries, and answering their questions always with a smile on her face and a pleasant word. I am very thankful to Candice for her support throughout the different stages of my PhD studies, and also very grateful to her for ensuring that the administrative process before my dissertation defense goes smoothly, even though she had just moved to another position in different department. It was very inspiring for me to see how passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated is Candice for her work. Candice’s knowledge, professionalism and experience coupled with her thoughtful and engaging personality make her an asset to any organization or company. Above all, Candice is a wonderful and generous person.

Zehor Belkhatir, Postdoctoral Research Scholar at MSKCC

Candice is a natural leader with tremendous energy and enthusiasm and she had always been eager to support her mentees from the International Student Ambassadors, the voluntary student association she single-handedly established in the 2010s, catering for the needs of 3500+ international students at Copenhagen Business School. Candice exhibited a huge amount of commitment when mentoring me through my academic and life milestones, and she coached me on how to strategically plan my six years of international university studies. Her guidance proved invaluable as I am soon to graduate with a Double Master Degree from highly ranked business schools in Europe and Australia. She never failed to present herself in an enthusiastic, courteous, and accommodating manner when she has mentored me:) To say that Candice is my most important mentor would be an understatement! Her efforts and dedication have proved most treasured to me and she has my highest recommendation.

Wiktoria Salwa, PhD Research Fellow at Copenhagen Business School

Candice has been my Graduate Program Coordinator for a large part of my studies at KAUST. By providing me with one-to-one support, she offered me key advice and practical help in dealing with all the bureaucratical and practical steps required by my PhD program. She has always dealt with my questions and issues promptly, by combining niceness and empathy with professional rigour and integrity. I can’t thank her enough for all her support throughout those quite stressful times, and I wish any PhD student to meet such a friendly and effective advisor as Candice.

Juan Sebastian Totero Gongora, Helena Normanton Fellow at University of Sussex

I met Candice as my Graduate Program Coordinator and since the first moment, I found a really empathetic, candid and positive person with a very professional attitude. Despite being a go-to-person, she has always given me the attention and time to resolve all my questions and issues, ensuring always a positive result and the integrity of the institution.

Jorge A. Holguin-Lerma, PhD Student at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

It’s exceptional to come across an insightful consultant like Ms. Candice. I have had the privilege to have Ms. Candice mentoring me through my studies at KAUST as a graduate program coordinator.

Abdullah AlShuaibi, PhD Student at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

I have had the privilege of knowing Candice for two years as the coordinator of the graduate program, of which I belong to, at KAUST. She always takes the time to support any student or colleague, showing her professionalism, sincerity and generosity. On that basis, I want to highlight Candice for being there for me when I have needed her.

Carmen Leticia Castrejon Barron, PhD Student at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

“Earnest and obliging” is the phrase that comes to my mind when I think about Candice, my Graduate Program Coordinator at KAUST. I know Candice in 2016 fall, as a first-year student on campus, when I came across a lot of problems either in study or in life. Candice is always so helpful, warmhearted and accommodating when I need help. It’s a pleasure of talking with her to solve all my problems. In addition, she is also a smart, experienced and organized person to work with. I am particularly impressed by her working efficiency. She always informs us the latest information related to company internship and campus events. Also, no matter how busy she is, she will manage to accept our appointment requests and make sure you leave her office with a satisfied smile.

Simeng Qiu, PhD Student at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

I have worked with Candice as a volunteer and in relation to my master’s thesis, where Candice has consulted me. As a volunteer I have experienced a dedicated leader, that is very passionate about her job and the students that she is helping. I know she has helped a lot of students at CBS, getting settled, and she continues working for a better international study environment. In relation to my thesis, Candice has been a great sparring partner, with great inputs and she always has time for helping her students, when there is a need. Candice is a dedicated, happy and responsible employee and I hope that in the future I will have the chance to work more with her!

Catherine Kjær Christensen, Case Worker, Danish Business Authority

As the mentor for my internship at Copenhagen Business School, Candice went far behind the normal requirements of the regular internship orientation, and she put a lot of effort into giving me the thorough introduction to her work at CBS, as well as to the whole field of international education. Her deep knowledge of the internationalization processes of higher education institutions and her strong passion for constant progress and development of her work made a huge impression on me.

Piritia Moisio, CRM Analyst at Nilfisk