HigherEd Counseling College Admissions Kick-Start Package

HigherEd Counseling Kick-Start Package:  4750 DKK / $750 (valued at 5250 DKK / $825) 

  • This package includes access to the UniFrog Platform, with college search and comparison tools, application management tools, interest & personality profile tools, essay & personal statement tools, and activities, competencies, & CV tools, webinars, and more…
    • Everything you need for your college search and application at your fingertips. HigherEd Counseling has purchased the rights to use this platform, because we believe it is an incredible resource for our students!
  • Additionally, this package provides 3 hours of professional guidance. The time can be used in combination 60-minute sessions on the following topics (Note that each topic may require more than the minimum of 1 hour of guidance):
    • Advice about creating a list of best-fit colleges
    • Guidance on academic planning and extra-curricular activities
    • Essay brainstorming, review and/or feedback
    • Advice and/or review of Common App and/or UCAS application
    • Advice about financial aid/scholarships
    • Evaluation of college admissions offers
To INQUIRE or REGISTER: Contact us at [email protected]

HigherEd Counseling Services, Packages, and Presentations

At HigherEd Counseling, we help students with the many different aspects of their educational and career planning, including support to explore their career and college choices, to navigate the college search and application process, and to prepare for living abroad.

HigherEd Counseling offers group and individual guidance, as well as comprehensive counseling for those who want full guidance and support throughout the college search and application process.

Additionally, HigherEd Counseling offers presentations and workshops about international education opportunities, international transitions, and college admissions to schools, companies, and organizations in Denmark and across the Globe. Please contact us at HigherEd Counseling for further information, if you are interested in a presentation or workshop.

For students and families, we offer several options for individual guidance services, including:

1) Hourly consulting packages: 750 DKK / $120  (minimum purchase of 5 hours, pre-paid)

  • These packages are best suited for students who are highly motivated with strong time-management skills and who work well independently with less oversight.
    • 5-hour package - 3500 DKK / $560 (valued at 3750 DKK / $600)
    • 10-hour package - 6750 DKK / $1080 (valued at 7500 DKK / $1200)

*Guidance is provided in blocks of 30- and 60-minutes in the following areas:

  • Career counseling and exploration
  • Creating a customized college list
  • Essay inspiration and editing
  • Development of an activities CV or Resume
  • Advice about admissions testing
  • Assistance with applications
  • Interview preparation
  • Advice on financial aid and scholarships
  • Evaluation of admissions offers
  • Planning campus visit tours
  • Advice on summer program options
  • Guidance on gap year options

2) College/Institution and Program Research and List Development only: 6750 DKK / $1080 (valued at 7500 DKK / $1200) 

*Thorough research is done with a variety of different resources which are cross-referenced to identify programs/institutions which match each student’s profile, interests, and needs.

3) Application Essay Review and Feedback only (no private consulting): 750 DKK / $120 per hour (min. purchase of 3 hours at 2250 DKK / $350)

*Feedback is provided via Google Document comments and Screen Recordings.

4) HigherEd Counseling's Comprehensive Package (ca. 50 hours):  30.000 DKK / $4,750 (valued at 33.000 DKK / $5,225). This package can be paid in full, or in 4 equal payments of 7600 DKK / $1,200.

  • HigherEd Counseling provides professional, holistic guidance and support from the initial time of agreement through to the end of the first semester at college/university, to make sure that each student is settled and finding their own way.
  • Including access to the Unifrog platform, this package includes:
    • Career, academic program, and college exploration and research
    • Guidance on extra-curricular activities and academic planning
    • Summer program/internship research and application assistance
    • Defining a final list of colleges and support in completing college applications
    • Essay brainstorming, review, and feedback
    • Advice about admissions tests and requirements (this does not include test preparation)
    • Interview preparation
    • Evaluation of college admissions offers
    • Private scholarship search and essay assistance
    • Financial aid guidance
    • Waitlist guidance
    • Support preparing for and transitioning to college

5) One-year access to the Unifrog Platform only (no private counseling): 3000 DKK / $500 

Contact us for questions at: [email protected]

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HigherEd Counseling Institutes, Master Classes, and Workshops

HigherEd Counseling offers institutes, master classes, and workshops around Denmark and globally to provide students with an in-depth understanding of global higher education opportunities, college application processes, tools to identify and choose best-fit college options, guidance to navigate the various application, scholarship and financial aid, cultural transitions, and insight for a successful university career. Students from Grade 9 through Grade 12 (or from 9. klasse to 3.g) may enroll to participate in HigherEd Counseling's programs. Prices vary per program, so please contact us directly for further information. 

HEC's Institutes, Master Classes, and Workshops may include the following:

*An Overview of the World of International Admissions

*An Introduction to Applying to US, Canadian, UK and European Universities with English-language programs and other English Language Institutions

*A Roadmap to Finding Best-fit Programs and Colleges matching each student's profile and interests

*Insider Information about What You Need to Know regarding College Admissions

*Advice for Preparing and Submitting College Applications

*Inspiration to Writing Personal Statements, Essays, and Motivational Letters

*Guidance on English Language Proficiency and College Admissions Tests

*Insight about Finding and Applying for Financial Aid and Scholarships

*Ways to Reduce Stress and Ambiguity during the college search and admissions processes

*Considerations for Preparing to Move and Settle Into Your New Home and College

*Plus, you get to Build your Network with other students who are exploring and applying to colleges overseas!

**Please note: Our programs are for all students considering college and university options in Canada, Europe, the UK, or the US, but due to the complex nature of US college admissions, we cover this topic more in-depth.

Contact us at [email protected] to enroll or to arrange a private group Institute, Seminar, or Workshop for your school or organization.

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Our Expertise and Focus

At HigherEd Counseling we help students and families navigate the terrain no matter how little or much guidance and assistance is needed.

Contact HigherEd Counseling today to learn more about how we can save you time, minimize stress and find the best match institutions for your profile.

HigherEd Counseling makes it personal.

At HigherEd Counseling we work with students and families based on students' individual needs.

HigherEd Counseling:

  • offers career counseling to both students and adults seeking guidance for career possibilities and opportunities
  • provides advice about higher education opportunities
  • maps out the process for applying
  • keeps students on track with the requirements and applications
  • identifies 'best fit' institutions to attend based on each student's profile and preferences
  • advises students about the transitional process of moving abroad and settling into life at university
  • eases the uncertainty and unfamiliarity with the new educational and living environment

We look forward to working with you!


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