Our Approach

HigherEd Counseling Philosophy

My aim with HigherEd Counseling is to guide students and families to look deeper and reach higher, while searching for and applying to excellent global education opportunities that match each student's needs, interests, and profiles. Over the past two decades, I have helped thousands of students to thrive, as they have explored the world of higher education, transitioned to living and learning abroad, and pursued their academic and career goals.

There is only one you and your educational journey is uniquely yours!

I know this from my own experiences and from helping thousands of others find the right fit for studying, traveling, and living across the globe. Working with students on an individual basis to explore their skills, interests, and options, I help students to identify best-fit institutions and programs where it is possible to pursue their dreams.

Students and parents who work with HigherEd Counseling gain greater clarity and have reduced stress when identifying and applying to suitable colleges and universities, where students can best thrive, achieve success, and pursue their dreams. College choice is the most important decision that students will ever make for their academic, career, personal, and social development, and my specialty is to provide insight, guidance, and structure to make the college admissions process manageable for students and families.

You're not alone. With more than 20 years of experience working with students, I provide expert advice and guidance to demystify the complex world of college admissions, while guiding students on their higher education journeys!

Our Story

My International Education and Global Career Journey

At a very young age I had the dream to study abroad, and during my junior year of high school I left the US to live in Denmark as a Rotary Youth Exchange Student. Living in Denmark and meeting others from across the Globe, I was inspired to help other students travel, study and live internationally, and I have been doing so ever since.

When considering my own higher education choices, I selected Michigan State University because of the wealth of academic offerings, personal and cultural opportunities, and the highly regarded and numerous international education programs and opportunities! During my Bachelor of Arts studies in Social and International Relations, and my Master of Arts in Student Affairs Administration (Higher Education), I studied and worked in Eastern Europe, at the University of Cambridge, and in London, England.

Since then I have worked at Pennsylvania State University, Indiana University-Bloomington, Copenhagen Business School, and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. During my twenty plus years of working with students at these four universities in the US, Denmark, and Saudi Arabia, I have helped thousands of students to explore their options and apply for programs and universities abroad, as well as to transition and settle into their new environments in order to make the most out of their new educational settings for personal, social and intellectual growth.

All of these experiences have shaped who I am as a person, mother, educator, and global citizen, and together they inform my practice when guiding students to identify 'best fit' higher education programs and institutions, to navigate the college application process, and to transition to studying and living overseas.

Additionally, I continually update and expand my knowledge of global college admissions through research, professional networks, conferences and visits to colleges and universities. Through the highly-regarded College Counseling certificate program at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), and the reputable International School Counseling certificate program at Lehigh University, I have honed my insight about the intricacies of college admissions and international student counseling. Furthermore, I have attended The College Board Institute for International Counselors to gain insight from industry professionals about the many facets of the world of college and university admissions.

Finally, with participation in conferences and trainings through the International Association of International Admissions Counseling (International ACAC), the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS), the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), as well as membership in other professional associations, I stay relevant and connected with colleagues from across the globe, admissions updates, best practices, and insider information with which I can best advise students and families.



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